Dear Ella Monet's sweet heart always gleamed

She lived in poor times and yet constantly dreamed

She soon made a wish that one day came true

And Ella Monet transformed into a Mew


Little Mew Dreamer was a charming young girl

She brought wondrous dreams to those in the world

But her wondrous gift was also a curse

A terrible secret that made her world worse


The Nightmares she fought did not quite go away

Instead she absorbed them all after each fray

To hold them from us she must stay asleep

Eternally bound with our nightmares to keep


Our little Mew Dreamer cannot open her eyes

Because if she does

We will meet our demise.

Video Version

(0:21 to skip opening)

Mew Dreamer01:50

Mew Dreamer

Created by AnnikaDoll

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