Biographical Information


  • Two unnamed mothers
  • Unnamed older brother
Romantic Interests


Physical Description




Height 4'10"
Weight 75 lbs
  • Blonde hair with honey brown highlights
  • Hazel eyes
  • Fair skin
  • Small build
Mew Form - Mew Gwen
Animal DNA Lower Keys Marsh Rabbit
Weapon Heart Wand
Abilities Angel Kiss
Mew Mark Small bunny head, located on the left side of her neck
Other Information
  • Dancing
  • Playing violin
Pets A pet rabbit named "Nibbles"
Likes Animals, flower arranging, peace, sweet foods, sour foods
Dislikes Tea, loud noises, small spaces


Eclair is a girl who lives with her two parents and older brother. She is infused with the genes of the Lower Keys Marsh Rabbit. She comes from a somewhat rich family, and goes to a junior high school.


Eclair is optimistic and sweet. She cares for others deeply and is willing to sacrifice a lot of things for the sake of others' happiness. She is a hard worker and very dependable, but can be quite insecure. Eclair is also easily hurt by indifference and unkindness. Overall, she focuses on protecting others and making them happy. She overworks herself to get tasks finished and has a lot of insecurities. Eclair does try the best she can to become strong to protect those she cares about.

She is quite talkative and has a wide circle of friends. Eclair cares about mostly everyone around her and acts maternally towards people she is close too, often becoming overprotective and treating the protectees like children.


Eclair is a relatively short girl with an average muscle mass. She has pale skin and semi-long blonde hair with honey brown highlights in it, clear-looking, fair skin and a permanent blush on her cheeks. Her eyes are hazel-colored and wide like a child's. She often wears soft, calming colors and she wears her hair straight. Her bangs curl around her cheeks on both sides and her smile is rabbit-like. Her casual clothes are usually decorated with rabbits, such as rabbit hoods, as well as more feminine outfits including skirts and fancy leggings. In her Cafe Mew Mew outfit, her dress is pink.

Mew Eclair

When transformed, Eclair has the ears and tail of the Lower Keys Marsh Rabbit. Her hair turns into an off-white color and her eyes turn reddish-brown. She wears a cream dress and has a cream chocker with a Mew Pendant attached to it, both lined with short brown fur. She also has two cream arm puffs, light pink thigh highs, white mary janes, and a garter on her right leg.

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