Diana Wright is one of the main villains in Mew Mew Power: Apprentice. She is one of the members of the Invasive Mew Mews and is infused with the DNA of the Brush-tailed Possum.

Biographical Information
Age 13


  • Di
  • Pipsqueak
Romantic Interests None
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 4'10
Weight 89 lbs
  • Black hair
  • Shoulder length soft, wavy hair
  • Watery blue almond shaped eyes
  • Pale, slightly sallow skin
Mew Form - Mew Diana
Animal DNA Brush-tailed Possum
Weapon Unknown; she doesn't appear to use one.
Mew Powers
  • Spreading diseases
  • Summoning Chimera Anima
Mew Mark
  • A reddish scratch-like mark on the left side of her neck.
Other Information
  • Tree climbing
  • Sneaking about
Pets None
Likes Her doll, bird's eggs, climbing trees, peace and quiet, exploring, taking over forests
Dislikes Being sick, being alone, doctors, crowds, "competitor" species, the Mew scientists

Diana Wright

Diana Wright is a frail young girl who serves as one of the villains in Mew Mew Power: Apprentice, as one of the Invasive Mew Mews. She was willingly infused with animal DNA as part of a new Mew experiment because she thought it would help cure her disease. However, the animal DNA she was injected with was corrupt due to being from an invasive species, and the instincts overpowered her. Diana is the third Invasive Mew to be introduced.


Diana is a quiet, clingy girl who likes to follow her teammates around and dislikes large crowds. She's not only physically frail, but Diane is very sensitive emotionally. She's often underestimated as weak and useless, but she's actually quite sneaky and nimble. She doesn't take well to being lied to, and often reacts with temper tantrums when she doesn't get her way. Her years of being bedridden have left her a little lazy, and she often overestimates her abilities. Diana dislikes being alone, and she can be a bit of a crybaby, but she's clever, thoughtful and a good asset to the team.


Diana is a small, sickly young girl with an unhealthily pale complexion. She has a small mouth that always has a slight smile lurking at the corners, and a little pointed nose. She has shoulder length wavy black hair that is remarkably soft, and large watery blue eyes. Diana has a thin face and boney elbows, and very little figure to speak of. What she lacks in physical grace and strength, she makes up for with her nimble fingers and light tread.


Still working on it.


  • Diana is rumored to be able to give people cowpox.
  • Out of all the Invasive Mews, Diana is the only one who doesn't appear to use a weapon.
  • She actually comes up with some of the best ideas out of anyone on the team. If only they'd listen to her!
  • She has a personal vendetta against the Mew project scientists, blaming them for not being able to cure her disease.
  • It's a rare sight for Diana to be found alone. She's usually seen with at least one of her teammates with her.


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