Diana Brasili is a major supporting character in London Mew Mew. Born and raised in Brazil, Diana travels to London with her adventure-seeking family. She is funny and hilarious, not to mention great with people. Diana has the DNA of a Toucan.








Diana has brown hair and hazel eyes. She has hispanic skin and is usually found wearing her summer tee and jeans.

Mew Banana

She gains yellow and green hair along with a yellow bikini-like-top and a skirt. Toucan wings and a tail appear from her back and she also has the ability to fly. Diana also sports high-heeled sandals.


'I love it here!' - About London.

'Ok, ok, ok...we're gonna fight WHAT now?' - Being told that she's a Mew Mew

'A girl's gotta eat.' - Her 'motto'.

'Mew Mew Banana, METAMORPHOSES!' - Transformation call.

'Ribbon Banana Samba!' - Attack name.


She likes Pears.

Diana has a pet macaw she names Paddington.

Her favorite movie is Teen Beach Movie.

Besides Ichigo, Diana is the only Mew not to have lived in London since the start of the seiries, as she moves there AFTER the story starts.

Her last name, Brasili, is possibly a play on words of Brazil het home country.

Diana can switch from Portagase to English without much thought. This leads to some confusion between her teammates.

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