Masaya Aoyama
Age Unknown
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Relatives Blue Knight and Masaya Aoyama
Team Aliens
V.A. (English) Scottie Ray
V.A. (Japanese) Megumi Ogata

Deep Blue

Deep Blue is the primary antagonist of the Tokyo Mew Mew series and the leader of the aliens. He is part of the same being as Masaya and the Blue Knight and was awakened thanks to the efforts of the aliens and the existance of the Mews. His ultimate goal is to reclaim the earth from humans so that his people can live there again.


Deep Blue is a cold and heartless individual who shares none of the compassion of his two alter egos and doesn't hesitate to try and kill anyone who opposes him. He is quite cruel and shows an utter lack of concern for human life. He also doesn't share his counterparts' affections for Ichigo.


For the majority of the series all that is seen of Deep Blue is his shadow, but when we finally do see him he has all of the typical alien features like the foot long ears and slit pupils. He has ridiculously long black hair and sharp ice blue eyes.  His skin is much paler than that of either the Blue Knight or Masaya.The long blue coat he wears is the same one that the Blue Knight wears except he keeps it buttoned closed at the front.


Mu Mew Myu

Deep Blue is, of course, still the leader of the aliens.  He is at the forefront of the attack on earth and is not afraid to use tactics more vicious than those he used in canon.  In this fanfic there is no Masaya or Blue Knight, so Deep Blue is not bound by either of those forms and is free to do all the alien-destroying-the-world activities he wishes without the interference of pesky human emotions.