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Love Interest

Sam Willis

Physical Description







~150 lbs

  • Red hair
  • Short, pixie cut style
  • Light brown eyes
  • Freckles
Mew Form
Mew Name

Mew Blue Kool-Aid

Animal DNA

Blue Morpho Butterfly

Mew Mark

None visible


A small shield

Dawn Mulcahy is one of the leaders of the New Generation of Mews in Mu Mew Myu (in tandem with Helena Astor).She is also the designated main character, and her first appearance is in chapter one.


One word most people would use to describe Dawn is disciplined. Even when she was really young, if there was something she wanted, she would do whatever it took to get it. However, if she's not particularly interested in something, she won't put much effort into it at all since she feels her time could be better spent on other things. This often leads to Lila having to crack down on her in order to keep her grades up.

Dawn is also a very social person. She has an easy-going attitude that many people find appealing, and has no trouble keeping a group of friends. It's not often that she really opens up to her friends though, as she much prefers to keep them at arm's length and only share her deepest secrets with her sister who she knows won't reject her.


Dawn is is a teenage girl of average height with the figure of a dedicated athlete. A lifetime of dance, gymnastics, and cheerleading have left her with well-toned muscles, especially in her legs and chest. She also has naturally broader shoulders and a flat chest. Her skin is described as magic by her siblings because even though Dawn's a redhead, she's managed to acquire a light tan in lieu of burning right away (of course she does still burn on top of that more often than not).

Her hair is a bright carroty red color and cut short so it's easier to take care of. Dawn always found long hair to be an unnecessary pain in the neck, but even now that it's shorter she barely spends any time taking care of it, giving her a near-constant look of having just rolled out of bed. She has large light brown eyes framed by naturally thick eyelashes. Her body is covered in freckles with the heaviest concentrations being on her face and shoulders.

The clothing she wears most often is her non-uniform school uniform (a white shirt with the school's logo on it and any pair of black pants) and her cheerleading uniform. Most of her casual clothing is just jeans and T-shirts, with sweaters should the weather require. At work, she has to wear the purple polo shirt with the gym's logo on it and any pair of sport shorts. Almost every single pair of shoes she owns are at least partially covered in grass or mud stains, and are heavily scuffed.

Mew Blue Kool-Aid

In her Mew form, Dawn is infused with the genes of the Blue Morpho Butterfly. She has large blue wings sprouting from her back that are just large enough to allow her to fly for short periods of time. Her eyes also turn from their natural brown to a bright blue that matches her wings.

Her outfit consists of a low-cut blue dress overlaid with a modern underbust tube corset that fits to her natural figure. She wears a pair of short blue boots and darker gloves along with the standard arm puffs, garter, and choker.

Her "weapon" is a small shield that appears on her right arm. Its primary function is to throw up a wall of energy that can block both energy-based and physical attacks (from both alien and Mew opponents), but Dawn quickly learns that shield bashing is very effective as well.


  • Because I probably didn't make it clear at all in the writing, the cast she has on during the first chapter is a webbed cast for a compound wrist fracture, and it is on her right arm.
  • She's left-handed.
  • Dawn is one of the only Mews for whom I made a conscious design choice. Color scheme is blue? Redhead.
  • She goes to a sports school for gymnastics and cheerleading, and hopes to one day compete in the Olympics.
  • Her school has a special agreement with a local fitness club that allows students to get memberships at an incredibly discounted price, and Dawn ended up getting a job there doing simple tasks like cleaning the sweat off exercise machines, washing towels, and sometimes even manning the front desk.
  • She used to dance as well, but had to give that up when she entered high school because she no longer had time for such a big commitment.
  • According to her brother, the only time someone wouldn't mistake Dawn for a boy is when she's transformed (and he's right).



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