Cupcake Aogawa is the fifth Mew on the team Tokyo Mew Mew: Viva La Dessert! She is the swimmer of the group because her DNA is fused with a bottlenose dolphin.

Full Profile

  • Birthday: January 19th
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Mini Profile: extrovert-sensor-thinker-judger
  • English Dub Name: Danielle Murphy
  • English Mew Name: Mew Danielle
  • Power Pendant Activation: Mew Mew Cupcake! Metamorphose (Japanese)! "Power Pendant! Mewtamorphosis (English)!"
  • Parents: Angela Aogawa and Pancake Aogawa (Japanese), Angie Murphy and Matthew Murphy (English)
  • Siblings: Buckle Aogawa (sister) (Japanese), Sophia Murphy (English)
  • Favorite Food: blueberries, cupcakes, junk food, peach soda
  • Favorite Color: blueberry
  • Favorite Book: N/A
  • Hobbies: As mentioned in the "Occupation" section



The outfit is still the same as the others with her blueberry-colored hair in a small bun ponytail.

Cafe a la Mode

Her hair is still in the same style, except her outfit is a traditional TMM cafe outfit that is colored blueberry and dodger blue.

Mew Cupcake

Her hair remains the same, except it is now dodger blue-colored. For her top, it's a

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