Cupcake Aogawa
Japanese Name カップケーキ青川
Mew Name Mew Cupcake
Age 16
Animal bottlenose dolphin
Transformation Mew Mew Cupcake! Metamorphosis!
Weapon Cupcake Maracas
Attack Ribbon Cupcake Mambo
Zodiac Aquarius
Birthday January 19th
Height 5' 8"
Weight 116 lbs.
Hair Color blueberry (Cupcake) dodger blue (Mew Cupcake)
Eye Color dodger blue
Blood Type AB+
Likes blueberries, cupcakes, junk food, peach soda, nice people
Dislikes people who test her temper, bullies
Relatives Looks in "Full Profile" section
Nicknames N/A
Team Tokyo Mew Mew: Viva La Dessert!
Position defense
V.A. (English) N/A
V.A. (Japanese) N/A
Character Themes Cupcakes~HOORAY!
Cupcake Aogawa is the fifth Mew on the team Tokyo Mew Mew: Viva La Dessert! She is the swimmer of the group because her DNA is fused with a bottlenose dolphin.

Full Profile

  • Birthday: January 19th
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Mini Profile: extrovert-sensor-thinker-judger
  • English Dub Name: Danielle Murphy
  • English Mew Name: Mew Danielle
  • Power Pendant Activation: Mew Mew Cupcake! Metamorphose (Japanese)! "Power Pendant! Mewtamorphosis (English)!"
  • Parents: Angela Aogawa and Pancake Aogawa (Japanese), Angie Murphy and Matthew Murphy (English)
  • Siblings: Buckle Aogawa (sister) (Japanese), Sophia Murphy (English)
  • Favorite Food: blueberries, cupcakes, junk food, peach soda
  • Favorite Color: blueberry
  • Favorite Book: N/A
  • Hobbies: As mentioned in the "Occupation" section



The outfit is still the same as the others with her blueberry-colored hair in a small bun ponytail.

Cafe a la Mode

Her hair is still in the same style, except her outfit is a traditional TMM cafe outfit that is colored blueberry and dodger blue.

Mew Cupcake

Her hair remains the same, except it is now dodger blue-colored. For her top, it's a dodger blue loose strap top with blueberry ruffles. She also wears a dodger blue skirt with two blueberry ruffle layers. She also wears ankle-length blueberry boots and blueberry short gloves. She also has a garter with the Power Pendant. She also has a garter with right leg.


Cupcake kisses her Power Pendant, and says "Mew Mew Cupcake! Metamorphose!" She is then shown on her right side, nude, with her left hand on the back of her neck. The Mew Mark then glows brightly. She spins around, producing water droplets that fuse into one another and creates a giant water droplet. Cupcake bursts from the droplet, showing her with a hair color change and only her top and bottom. The bursted droplets splash on her arms and legs to reveal more parts of her outfit. A droplet of water then splashes her neck, and her garter appears. She then strikes a basic pose.




Like a real bottlenose dolphin, Cupcake can swim fluently under water. She also can see very well. The bad news is that she has to come up for air sometimes, which can blow her cover. She also uses echolocation, which allows her to sense things underwater using random sounds.

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