The Cotton Chime (コットンチャイム Kotton Chaimu?) is the name of the primary weapon, which Mew Cotton uses in order to defeat the Chimera Anima who attack the town she lives in. The Sugarina was created by Akamine Akio. The Sugarina made its debut when Shirasaki Ame transformed into Mew Cotton for the first time.

The Cotton Chime, which controls the power of light and candied sweets. Mew Cotton uses the Cotton Chime to play different melodies, which control the nature around her. If the right sound is played, the flowers around her will play. Furthermore, if Cotton plays the perfect melody, she activates her attack Cotton Suite, which uses the power of light and summons bubbles of illumination that will purify the Chimera Anima. The Cotton Chime can also clear the mess Mew Sugar's Sugarina causes, after playing the wrong tune.


Name Changes

  • English Manga (Ver. 1): Candy Bell
  • English Manga (Ver. 2): Cotton Bell
  • English Dub: Sweets Bell
  • Mandarin Dub: Bell of Sweets
  • French Dub: White Bell
  • Korean Dub: Sweets Bell



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