Cookie Goruyoshi
Japanese Name クッキーゴールヨシ
Mew Name Mew Cookie
Age 15
Animal prarie falcon
Transformation Mew Mew Cookie! Meatmorphose!
Weapon Cookie Ribbon
Attack Ribbon Cookie Surprise
Zodiac Gemini
Birthday June 10
Height 5' 7"
Weight 168 lbs.
Hair Color golden yellow (regular), pale yellow (Mew Cookie)
Eye Color golden yellow
Blood Type O
Likes cookies, lemons, sports, anything baked
Dislikes fried foods, fast food, bad friends
Relatives Look in the parents section
Nicknames Cookie-chan
Team Tokyo Mew Mew: Viva La Dessert!
Position eyes in the sky
V.A. (English) N/A
V.A. (Japanese) N/A
Character Themes Cookie! GO~GO!!!
Cookie Goruyoshi is the third member of the team known as Tokyo Mew Mew: Viva La Dessert! She is the eyes in the sky in the group.

Full Profile

  • Birthday: June 10th
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Mini Profile: introvert-intuitive-thinker-judger
  • English Dub Name: Nikki Winston
  • English Mew Name: Mew Nikki
  • Power Pendant Activation: "Mew Mew Cookie! Metamorphose! (Japanese)" "Power Pendant! Mewtamorphosis! (English)"
  • Parents: Meringue Goruyoshi and Cake Goruyoshi (Japanese), Billy Winston and Selena Winston (English)
  • Siblings: N/A
  • Favorite Food: thai yum salad, smoothies, gyros, all things healthy, pizza, chips, Japanese candy
  • Favorite Color: golden yellow
  • Favorite Book: books about sports
  • Hobbies: N/A



Cookie (Nikki) basically wears the same school outfit as Shortcake (Lori) and Cobbler (Judith). She wears her straight lower back length golden yellow hair left in its basic form with a long nose-length bang that covers her right eye.

Cafe a la Mode

In this outfit, her hair is worn the same, except her outfit is golden yellow and pale yellow, and it is a traditional CMM outfit.

Mew Cookie

As Mew Cookie, her hair is now pale yellow and is still worn the same. For her top, her golden yellow and pale yellow cuffy top is connected to the bottom part of her outfit, which is a free-flowing dress component with a slit on the right of the outfit showing a little bit of her underwear. For her shoes, she is wearing dress shoes with one sock on her right leg. For extras, she has a garter on her neck, cut-off cuffy sleeves that droop a bit, and prarie falcon wings and tail.


She kisses her Power Pendant and says "Mew Mew Cookie! Metamorphose!" Two DNA structures are shown slowly fusing for the background as Cookie is shown, nude and with eyes closed, hair blowing to reveal her glowing Mew Mark underneath her bang. Her hands are shown in a cup shape with a ball of glowing feathers. She then releases the feathers and performs a few karate moves as some feathers clump on her body. She then glides in the air as the feathers blow away and reveal her full outfit (except the neck garter). Feathers then clump on her neck and blow away to create her garter. She then lands and strikes a pose.


She has no quotes. She believes that they are STUPID.


Because her DNA is fused with a prarie falcon, of course she can fly. But, she can dive at tremendous speeds, just like the peregrine falcon. She can also survive dry and hot temperatures in the midst of hot weather.

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