Chiaki Hinami (Mew Cupcake) is Yuki's little sister and the second member of the Cutiepie Mew Mews.
Chiaki Hinami
Mew Name Mew Cupcake
Age 12
Animal Volcano rabbit
Weapon Cherry bell
Attack Ribbon cherry bell!
Zodiac Leo
Birthday August 19
Height 4' 9"
Weight 110 pounds
Hair Color Short caramel colored hair
Eye Color Green
Blood Type O negitive
Likes Candy, sweets, sunny days, friends, animals, sports
Dislikes Bullies, tatoos, idiots
Relatives Satomi Hinami (Mother)

Tsusuki Hinami (Father) Yuki Hinami (Sister)

Daichi Hinami (Brother)
Nicknames Chi
Team Cutiepie Mew Mews

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