Mew Aurora is the second of two Mews to be turned into a biological superweapon in order to fight the aliens and their monsters, as well as coax Mew Blood Widow away from the opposition and back onto her side.


Arachne, subject to alien wiles, began to work with their ranks in threatening acts against mankind. Having lost their subject, the very same people who created the Mew decided to look for another willing subject to help fight against the threat as well as bring Arachne back to their side, knowing that an ally to the aliens of their kind would certainly make the task of destroying them much harder to accomplish. They found the problem that disrupted her metamorphose and now took extra precautions to assure that similar problems would not occur with their next subject. The scientists cleared out the machine and inserted the DNA once more into it, taking great care to keep the procedure from being disturbed. Within a short amount of time, they soon found a willing participant to the project named Cara.
Cara, a 20 year-old woman living nearby who took interest in helping to save everyone, took notice of the damage caused by the alien threat and became sick of them, so she stepped up to help. The doctors, glad to find another subject willing to help, guided Cara to their machine. This time, when the contraption injected her with the animal DNA, the process did not malfunction and underwent no interruptions. Cara stepped out of it as a biological superweapon, infused with the power of light and Aurora, as well as the DNA of an arctic fox. The scientists trained her in combat, gave her the alias Mew Aurora, and sent her out into the world to fight against the aliens and bring back their lost Mew


Mew Aurora harnesses the power of light and frost, and possesses great speed, agility and dexterity in her form. Mew Aurora's weapon is the Arctic whip, and she attacks with Ribbon Glowing Thrash, which, like Mew Blood Widow's weapon, may also produce two different effects. The attack may be used to blind the enemy with a bright light, which Mew Aurora can use either to gain the upper hand or retreat if needed, or physically harm her enemy.

Created by AnnikaDoll

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