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This is a list of episodes for Candy Gem Mew Mew.

# Title Villain Air Date
01 Wh-Wha? I'm a Mew Mew? Mew Lollipop! Hsalps 4 - 16 - 2017
One day, a teenage girl named Jess Fujiko is walking to school. On the way there, she went through a tunnel, but before she could get out, both ends shut and she got injected with Mew DNA and she fell asleep. In her dream, she was nude and saw a doe (female deer) go inside her. Later, she was staring at her hand while shaking on a chair in the principle's office. The principle is questioning her for trying to secretly stay home from school (That's were she thought she was instead of asleep). She tucks her hand down but ends up getting detention. When she gets home, her sister Paige asks her why she was late. Jess told her what happened and then they went out to a restaurant for dinner. But when her mom and sister went to the restroom, she ran outside to (successfully) scare away a burglar. However, while she was out there, she found a strange alien creature that turns an innocent bird into a horrible monster! But then a cute little bunny hopped up to her only to reveal that the bunny is a fairy named Sweetie! Sweetie then turns Jess into Mew Lollipop in order to stop the beast.
02 The sweet and loving Sugar Glider! Mew Gumdrop! Hsalps 4 - 17 - 2017
As Jess is sleeping, she is dreaming about her transformation. But her dream suddenly changed to her crush. Her mother went into her room to wake her up for breakfast. Then her mother reminds Jess that it's her birthday and her party is that afternoon. Her mother also told her that she was inviting all her friends. Jess gets excited and goes to the store to buy cake. She found an amazing cake and bought it. Later that day, she is at her birthday party only to find out that her mother invited a ton of boys her age as well as her friends. Jess starts trying to avoid them all while blushing hard. When she snuck away, she saw a squirrel turned into a monster. She was hiding when she finds her friend: Tora Rinko. Then Jess transforms into Mew Lollipop. And when Jess was in danger, Rinko transformed into Mew Gumdrop and saves the day. After everything went back to normal, it's cake time so everyone goes to get cake... But it's hard for Jess because her crush touched her hand while she was handing him cake.
03 The Raccoon with pop! Mew Fizz! Hsalps 4 - 26 - 2017
One day, Jess and Rinko are giggling at lunch when a girl that was being crowded by boys was trying to sit down and eat. Jess invited her to their table. She told them her name is Raiko Ichigo. Ichigo also told them that she is the most pretty girl in school. Later that night, Ichigo is sneeking out of her house into a clubhouse she made herself that was hidden underneath some trees. Jess and Rinko are sneaking out with Sweetie to look for Glupps (Aliens). Ichigo sees them and try's to see what's going on until a Glupp turned a raccoon into a monster! Jess & Rinko transform into Mew Lollipop and Mew Gumdrop. But when they can't take the monster out, Ichigo learns how to transform into Mew Fizz! She uses her sly raccoon moves to take out the monster and save the day.
04 The graceful butterfly! Mew BonBon! Hsalps __ - __ - 2017
Jess, Rinko, and Ichigo were helping clean up school when a girl named Undine Dubois Steped in to help. Undine was trying to speak Japanese to them but he couldn't. So, they called over Rinko's sister, Narumi who can translate. They found out she speaks French. More tba

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