Café Mew Mew

Café uniforms

The uniforms that the canon Mews wear when working at the café.

Café Mew Mew is the main base of operations for the Mews in Tokyo Mew Mew. On the outside it appears to be a regular café, but in reality the basement is filled with the advanced technology used to start the Mew project. It is owned by Ryou and Keiichiro and all the Mews are forced to work there when they're not fighting. At least in the English dub the pay is pretty good.


When the Mews are working at the café they are required to wear uniforms. They're pretty standard maid uniforms with the body of the dress being the Mew's secondary color and its trim being their main color. They wear a pair of white bloomers under their dress and a white heart-shaped apron with a large bow tied at the back. The coloring of their shoes, socks, and headbands all depend on their color scheme as well.

In Fanfiction

Tokyo Mew Mew: Replaced


The Replacement Mew Team in their uniforms.

The café is still the main HQ for the Mews. However, since the Tokyo Mew Mews are away on an extended leave, the Replacement Mew Team take over the café duties, as well as super hero duties. The uniforms are also different from the ones the original Mew team wear.

Mu Mew Myu

The café is run by Victoria Mulcahy under the name Café Shooting Star with Café Mew Mew being its unofficial nickname as dictated by Trina. The only Mews who actually work there are Helena, Trina, and Abby as the others already had jobs and weren't interested. They also wear different uniforms consisting of black pants and shoes with coloured laces, embroidered white aprons, a long sleeved shirt, and a ribbon. I will draw these eventually.

Mythical Mew Mew

Café Mew Mew shut down when Tokyo Mew Mew disbanded. Instead, the Mythical Mew Mews use Café Mythical as their home base. Café Mythical is run by Keiko Ginza, who uses it as a cover for the Mew project.

Magical Mew Mew

Similar to Mythical Mew Mew, Café Mew Mew shut down when Tokyo Mew Mew disbanded and went on vacation. Instead, the Magical Mew Mews use Café Magical Pastry as their home base. Café Magical Pastry is run by Daisuke Futaba, who uses it as a cover for the Mew project.

Veggie Mew Mew

Café Mew Mew is owned by Akatsuki Ninjin and her friends ever since she forever formed a team with them.