The CD Cover Contest started and talked about here: Link

Round 1: Destiney and Darangel; The Last Effect (Closed)

For this round, you'll be the CD cover designer and the Fashion Designer. I have standards for how you dress them, since I don't like seeing very showy outfits. The song you'll be using to help base these designs is called: The Last Effect. It's a song about the last night of awful terror, yet somehow the girl (Miku Hatsune, or a VOCALOID) feels so merry. I actually want a lot of entrys to choose from, so feel free to make as many different entrys as you want.


  • Thirza the Hedgehog
  • Lucky7312
  • Tiatulip44
  • MewArcticWolf


  • I want it done in Paint or anything that will work with how the base format is.
  • It cannot be more im-modest for Dest then uncovered shoulders, that's it. Period.
  • For Dar, you can go more im-modest. If you want to you can show some of the mid-riff.

    The complete version with hair. Isn't Destineys D.A. exclusive design so cute? ;)Have fun and happy editing!

  • I don't want to see anything bloody or gore-festive.

    If you want to make the Hair yourself, this version's ready.

  • I don't want to really see anything too girly either xD
  • You can make as many entrys as you want ^.^ I want to have a-lot of options to choose from! (They must have a different CD name Though: Example: Sisters)
  • If you want, I will allow for you to post your entrys on D.A. Just link to this Contest page if you do.


What i'd like to see Edit

  • Creativity: Don't just draw a T-Shirt and JEans! Be creative! Maybe even toss in the girls animal Ears!
  • Color Match: Blue and Black go great together! So do Blonde and Lavender!
  • A Good Background: I want you not to only focus on the girls, but the CD background, be creative! Spice it up!

What I don't want to see Edit

  • Lazy Work: Don't just scribble and submit.
  • A Rainbow: Rainbows aren't very clever color matches
  • Little Detail: Nothing in the image, a bad score.
  • A blank page: If you just scribble oer and turn it white, you won't really succeed with this.
  • Copying others: A BIG ONE! If you copy someones work and just change the colors, I will not alow it to be a submission to the contest.
  • BELIVE IN YOURSELF, NEVER THINK YOU CAN'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Image Requirements for 'Legal' Entry

  • No Nudity
  • Only go as Im-modest as the rules allow
  • In the little red Bubble it must say: The Last Effect
  • No Mew Forms, only ears and Tail.
  • No Canon outfit designs either.
  • No swearing in the CD cover.
  • Absolutely no spam words all over it
  • No copying others


Just to give you a good idea on how to base the outfits. The Lyrics will help by telling what the song's about (so I don't see victorian dresses or something.)

{C}In a replica of the night sky, gunshots echoed revoltingly. "This Ferris wheel will run the last trip. Do you have your ticket, miss?"

{C}At the absurd carnival, the test subjects grew accustomed to pain. "I'm not doing anything if I'll be ridiculed for my failures," they claimed.

Feigning composure, they begin to screech in the nonsensical night.

{C}Rows of their shattered emotions played out a dark parade.

{C}Ah...they're hopeless. I'll just call it a day, since I'm getting sleepy...

"Now then, miss, what can you see from where you are?" "An observation of hopes? Not at all, I observe nothing but despair."

As though tired of everything, the girl closes her eyes.

The goalless Ferris wheel rotates endlessly; there's only one way to get off.

{C}Ah...I'm not really sure why I feel so merry right now.

Rows of their lost emotions played out a dark parade.

Ah...they're hopeless. I'll just call it a day, since I've had about enough...

{C}The goalless Ferris wheel rotates endlessly; there's only one way to get off.

Ah...I'm not really sure why I feel so merry right now.

So yeah.


1 Place: (optional: 10 D.A. Points) Your cover is the winner and used in a song i'll be using as their shared theme. You'll also be able to have me Collab with you.

2nd: Your cover is an optional outfit for the two and I make a base for you to use for your own CD cover!

3rd: I make a lineart for you. And Your cover is an optional for the charrie.

Entries (Images)


The Winners:

  • 1st: Lucky with her entry. Congrats ^^
  • 2nd: Tia with her 1st entry.
  • 3rd: Destiny Calling


Thank you al so much for entering the first round, I saw amazing entrys and feel badly that not all of you could of won. Here's my comments on all of your work.

  • Lucky's

I love the way you designed your entry Lucky. The colors co-ordinated very well, and I'm curious how you had done the background. Excellant Job Lucky, well done :3

  • Tia's

I liked your creativity with the background Tia, and the flower in Dest's hair was very Kawaii :3 You didn't get 1st place, how-ever, since the skirt was somewhat skimpy, and I found it strange. You did an excellant job though ^^

  • Destiny Calling's

Yours was very chic Destiny, I liked how Dars was a 21st century skater style (or at least it seemed), I love that cool tomboy-ish clothing <3 And Destineys, her's was a lovely relaxation outfit.

  • Daimon Cray's

I love your creativity on Dar and Dests (the Tattoo was a nice touch ;3) And the matching necklaces, very good. :3 I'm considering actually using something like that for a weird DVD cover someday, execellant work.

  • Shokara Neko's

Shokara, yours was lovely. The gown-ish look was amazing, and the colors looked beautiful on both of them. The background has that touch that matched the two of them Purrrrfectly <3 and I liked the fingerless gloves on Dar (Eye <3 fingerless gloves)

  • Sakura Misato's

Sakura, I have to say yours looked lovely <3 It's cute, like a modern British theme (<3 *loves people and styles from all nations*) And the colors looked very Kawaii. The matching dresses were lovely as well.

  • Christina's

Last not certainly not least, Christina's entry. I liked it because it was very modern, and sort-of the thing you'd wear at a casual party with some friends, (or maybe Pajamas). The rainbow background was also cute, it reminded me of Carnivals <3

Round 2: Sasha (Closed, Voting in Progress.)

This round will commence on July 20th, ends on August 15th.

For this round, you'll make Sasha CD cover for her Character theme from the Emerald Mew Mews Series on DeviantArt, Palette. Palette is sang by one of the VOCALOIDS, in more specific, Megurina Luka. I don't exactly understand this song, but it matches her nicely.

Rules, are the same as always. Prizes will be decided soon.


Even when my voice was sad
My quiet laugh thought I was glad
The only thing I could think of
A brightly colored palette

Please distinguish me

Please, before they vanish
Will someone stop the overflowing colors

"I love you" was melted away in a pool of blue
A sweet tear falls down
"Thank you" was accented by a drop of bright red
A grateful and kind song

I will be Eraser's mind

I will be Eraser's mind

On a spun out ultramarine
By revolving memories
Of what both of us shared since our birth
I now can see

Our future's bright

"I love you" was drawn by a steady hand of black
In a sweet memory
"Thank you" washed away by a rolling tide of white
A kiss shared by you and I

Image Requirements for 'Legal Entry'

  • Sasha is as old as Darangel, so same Modesty policy.
  • Try to match her outfit with the song.
  • In the Red ribbon, it must say: Palette And then below it; Sasha Chinchin.
  • No spam
  • No Swears
  • No 5 Minute works
  • No scribbles
  • And no Copying



  • 1st: MewArcticWolf

Haha Very funny little sis >.> You won. XD Anyways, it was very cute Natalie, that's all I gotta say.

  • 2nd: Daimoncrays 2nd

That, now THAT I think was interesting. It reminded me of a Gala outfit and was very cute ^^

  • 3rd:Lucky

I really liked it ^^ And It was nice how you changed the palette to the original colors. The background was kinda sparkly for someone like Sasha tho.

Everyone had great entrys for this round :) Can't wait to see your next entrys!

Round 3: Heina (Judging in the Process)

For this round, you'll still be designing the outfit, the hair will be set and everything (It will not be in her regular Braid though). The character you'll design is Heina, and her song is Sacred Dance. The song is sung by Hatsune Miku, and it belongs to SEGA and the Vocaloids. This round ends September 15th.

Rules Are the same, seriously.


Ring-Dong! (Let's) sing and dance merrily
Ring-Dong! Towards where the festive band plays
Ring-Rang! As (we) dance before the Heavenly Gate
Ring-Rang! Thus begins the eerie Feast
Ring-Dong! Come and dance, all of thee!
Ring-Dong! Dance in confusion and glee!
Ring-Rang! Let this echoing chorus
Guide us... (as it) must be!

Within this puny garden, scarlet flowers come to bloom
Making offers to them all with stained blossoms
By the will of them all, the bloodied flowers fall and expire
As the sacred hands scatter those pedals
In this night of the Rites

Let it bloom! Let it bloom! (Let) the giant flowers (bloom)!
Let it fall! Let it fall! (Let) this blossom perish and fall!
Let (us) sing! Let (us) dance! The wondrous feast goes on
All the way till the break of dawn

Let (them) bloom! Let (them) bloom! Let the females come into bloom!
Let (them) fall! Let (them) fall! The males will have them torn
Let (us) sing! Let (us) dance! (Dance) the Sacred Dance
All the way till the break of dawn

Ring-Dong! (Let's) sing this song aloud!
Ring-Dong! (Let's) dance merrily and wild!
Vibrant and wild (Ring-rang)!
(Let's) dance with fingers entwined
Vibrant and wild (Ring-rang)!
(Let's) dance with fingers entwined
Vibrant and wild (Ring-rang)!
Here, there, everywhere
Vibrant and wild (Ring-rang)!
Voluptuous voices are in the air
Vibrant and wild (Ring-rang)!
As eerie blossoms fall in confusion
Beneath the shadow of the moon

As the cherry blossoms conjoin
Expiring in a mutual confusion
All are shattered and perplexed in a show of bewilderment
The bloodied flowers fall and expire while them all are nowhere
As the folks' hands scatter those pedals
In this night of the Rites


Let (us) Dance! Let (us) Dance! Dance till the break of dawn
Make it wild! Make it wild! (Let us) be maddened and wild!
Let it fall! Let it fall! (Let) the giant flowers (fall)!
Daybreak hasn't come after all

It sighs, it sighs--This blossom sighs
(They) bloomed, (they) fall--The giant flowers die...
Singing on, Dancing on,To the Sacred Dance
Daybreak will not come at all!

Image Requirements for Legal entry.

  • There's not really a modesty rule here, just try to not to make it a mature picture (showing and everything)
  • Match her outfit with the song <3
  • In the Black Circle, please write: The Sacred Dance
  • No Spamming
  • No Swearing
  • No 5 Minute works
  • No Copying
  • No recoloring others works
  • Please, feel free to submit more than one! :3



  1. Lucky

Man, your just on fire, aren't ya? Well, anyways. I think that the design was very fitting and the back ground fitting in with the song nicely. Well done.

2. Kaizu

Congrats Kaizu. It was your first entry and I thought it was cute. It reminded me of something from the 80s, like a disco outfit or something like that.

  1. Daimon Cray

I must admit, one of your better entrys and I think it was cute.

Tianshi (Closed)

This is the Tianshi round, she's going to appear as an Inu-Onna Woman, or Dog-woman, hence her being a Canine Mew. This round we're making things more unique, Ears and tail are.... Manditory! So, have fun! The song is...! On A Journey.

The Rules are always the same, but I'll repost them to refresh your memory.


  • No Nudity
  • The Modest Rule - Shoulders covered.
  • Please, don't be afraid to style her up in any way you like!
  • I don't want any 5 minute works.
  • If you need a little help for using Paint, I'll post a tutorial on the Talkpage.
  • I don't want spam, stealing, recoloring someone elses Entry, ECT.


All alone,
on a journey, I lost my way;
as I stood still, my heart alone wandered.
But now I can walk again,
as far as I need to;
yes, ever since I met you
on this road.

The song travelers sing,
though I don't know it,
sounds familiar to me
as long as I'm with you.

If the world we dreamed of
exists anywhere,
let's go look for it,
beyond the wind.
The freezing dawn,
the parched midday,
the trembling night;
let's go see what's at their end.

Your eyes, which
know loneliness well,
blink, and that color
is reflected.

I'll fly into the sky
and become a crescent moon;
those mint-colored stars must be
shards of tears.

A dock in the country to the east; the western sea;
a southern town in a dark forest; a golden tower;
a hill in the south, shaken by water; above all, the same moon.

As long as you'll let me
hold your hand,
how far shall we go?
Together with you,
I can go anywhere.
Let's go embrace
the rustling scent
of a world yet unseen.

Have fun!


This Rounds Winners:

  1. Daimon Cray - Your reason for winning was because of how clever the design was, it was very good.
  2. Lucky - The color coordinates and the design is very nice. I enjoy it.
  3. Christina - I have to admit that this may be your best design, it looks like camping clothes to me. You have earned the third spot this round.

Destiney (EXTENSION; 3 days left!)

Congrats, your half-way through. This is the last of the characters who've had a new design set up for awhile and then we move onto the new ones. Anyways... This is Destineys round. The song is Moonlight Denetsu (Moonlight Legend). Yes, it's opening to Sailor Moon, if your familiar with it.


  1. Do not just slap a T-shirt with a long sleeved shirt under it and some Jeans or Shorts on her, I want you to be creative.
  2. Do not copy others works.
  3. Do not use any part of her Mew form.
  4. I don't care if it's a Base, you may not be lazy.
  5. Do not do a 5 minute work. Same as above.
  6. Write "Moonlight Legend" On the Ribbon provided on said Base.


  1. There's a song on Just Dance 3 with a Space theme, if you can figure out what it is without telling anyone else, that's a hint to what I want to see. Just don't copy it. (I know at least 2 people who already have it.)
  2. It has to be cute, if you try to make her look Sexy (Because that's Darangels job *shot*) It won't score very high.
  3. I want to see Space Theme in the BG! That means; You. Must. At. LEAST. Put. A Moon. In. There.


I'm sorry I'm not candid.
I can say it if in my dreams.
My thoughts are about to short circuit.
I want to see you right now!
I'm just about to cry -- moonlight
I can't call you, either -- midnight
But I have a simple heart, so what can I do?
My heart is a kaleidoscope.

With the light of the moon to guide us,
we'll be brought together by fate many times over.
Counting the twinklings of the constellations
is how I foretell love's whereabouts.
Born on the same earth Miracle romance

To be together once more this weekend...
God, please grant me a happy end.
In the present, past, and future,
I'll be completely devoted to you.

I can't forget that dear look in your eyes
when we first met.
Out of tens of thousands of stars,
I can find you.
Turning even chance into an opportunity...
I love that way of life!

A wondrous miracle growing closer.
We'll be brought together by fate many times over.
Counting the twinklings of the constellations
is how I foretell love's whereabouts.
Born on the same earth Miracle romance
I believe in this Miracle romance



  1. Thirza's - As expected of my lovely twin, this looks exactly like something Destiney would wear. Cute yet modest enough for her, and it would make a nice look in my Moe style. Your design wins the first place spot in this round, great job.
  2. Lucky - Yet another great entry, this is a very cute one as well. Destiney would also seem to wear this type of thing, it was just a tad bit too mature looking for her. That does not mean that you did not do a good job, you have done a great one.
  3. Kat - You also did a good job, the Silver and Blue look perfect on her. (Of course, that is her hair and eye color.) It looks like something I would throw on her for fun, to admit. Good job.

6; Darangel (Song Pending)

So, it seems the previous subject of this round did not turn out very well... So I am changing it. In the mean time, please, Please leave me a message on my message wall for a prize for your current progress. Count up your wins, the more wins the bigger your current prize. Everyone gets a prize at the least. I am currently working on the CD covers for the current rounds, but this needs to get rolling again in several weeks once school is almost over

Edit: This character is just Darangel alone, because I want you all to come up with a design that fits a Tsundere.... (I know Someone has a good chance at this...) Anyhow, The song may either be Black Diamond or something else, however I want you all to be prepared. I will be making an attempt at this bade by hand... It will be done in a week or so. It depends on my time.

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