Buruberi Tenjo
Mew Name Mew Blueberry
Age 15
Animal Kagu or cagou (Rhynochetos jubatus)
Transformation Actually working on that right now
Weapon Blueberry Lyra
Attack Ribbon Blueberry Tornado
Zodiac Aquarius
Birthday Ferbruary 15
Hair Color Blonde (Normal), Cyan (Mew Mew)
Eye Color grey-blue (normal and Mew Mew)
Relatives Younger brother (Kei), Older brother (Yu)
Nicknames Buru
Team Ribbon Mew Mew
Position Follower
Buruberi Tenjo is a 15-year old Mew Mew, the third one of the Ribbon Mew Mews.


Buruberi has blonde hair and grey-blue eyes. Her outfits wary, but she is often seen wearing a school uniform. Another outfit includes a black trench coat with a high collar over a grey shirt and a grey skirt that reaches her knees. She also wears black shoes.

As Mew Blueberry, her outfit colours include a grayish-blue tone and a darker shade of it. Her hair changes to cyan and it becomes longer and fuller while her eye colour stays the same.


Buruberi grew up in a wealthy family. She has two brothers, named Yu and Kei, and her parents were almost never home. Because of this, she learned how to look after herself at an early age and took an interest in cooking. She went to a "normal" school, was in a cooking club and also enjoys playing all kinds of games. She also took part in an exchange program, leaving her hometown for two years. When she returned home, she ran into Razuberi and Aisu, and decided to spend a day with them because she got stuck in the city. She became a Mew Mew in order to protect her brother.


Buruberi is a confident, curious and intelligent girl. She enjoys playing all kinds of games, video games in particular, and cooking, likes to plan things through, and hates having to make decisions with little time to think about what to do. She also always has a "Plan-B" if things go wrong, this includes her always carrying a bag with a first-aid set, pepper spray, extra phone and batteries and, because of her interest in cooking, something to eat. Due to her coming from a wealthy family, she will also have money somewhere on her. She doesn't trust people easily, but once she trusts somebody, she will help them out of any situation. She also is very strict about keeping her identity a secret.


Her first name is simply the japanese pronounciation/spelling of the word "Blueberry". Her last name means "heaven castle".

Mew Blueberry

Mew Blueberry is Buruberi's Mew Mew form. Her powers are based on air and sound. Although she has wings, she can not fly. This is due to the animal she is infused with, the Kagu, which also can't fly.

She uses her Blueberry Lyra as a weapon and to summon wind and the sounds it plays can also be used against enemies.