'Shitsumon wa arimasen' -The motto for society.

Berry Sweet Myu Myu is an AU fan fiction created by Mew Amelia. It takes place in 2026, where Deep Blue has won and forces young mews to fight in brutal competitions called Kenosha Senso. It is one of the most originative fanfics Mew Amelia has made.


Deep Blue won, Ichigo is dead, and the world is under the control of the Eira (the given name to the Aliens). To make the world suffer, Deep Blue forces Mews to fight in a morbid battle to the death. To make things worse, when they are no more Mews, he takes young girls and creates more. The Mews are placed in a city chosen to host the battle. The inhabitants are given 3 weeks to evacuate or else be destroyed in the battle. All citizens who leave are taken to Aiiron, where they wait in silence to me the next Mew competitors. Only girls are chosen-all men are put into slavery. One day, a young Alien scientist Pasu, feels sorry for what these girls are being done with and sets out to change it. It all starts with a young girl Razu, who just got picked to be a Mew...

Jobs and Tasks

The main settings are Aiiron and The Arina. Each city is given tasks.

  1. Provide food for Aiiron.
  2. Provide ore for Aiiron.
  3. Provide Girls to be used as Myus.
  4. Provide supplies (wood, paper, clothes, etc.) for Aiiron.
  5. Not to question.

There are jobs as well. The jobs we will focus on are the tasks people are given in Aiiron.


People who provide food. They work in gardens for hours and can only rest when the sky turns black. They are usually strong men and elderly woman (since they are too old to be in the games). They plant, pick, and butcher food for the Aliens. Fooders live in a small part of Aiiron known as Pura-Pura.


Those who do what is said: serve. They wash clothes, food, cook, and whatever the Eira would want. They are the poorest of them all, but some say that being a servant is a blessing, as it is quite an easy job and you can get plenty of rest. They live in the castle, in a small tower dubbed Sabu Kantani.

Miners and Builders

Probibly the hardest job, as they are forced to work underground and build without rest. To do this, each one is given a shot each day called Lithunem, who gives their body the nutrients and power it needs. The Miners mine precious ore in caves that they call 'Kura'. When builders are done with their work, they are chosen to either serve or farm until needed again.

Alien Careers

Aliens can have jobs as well, as one would become quite bored just sitting around and doing nothing (unless you're Kisshu XD).


Aliens who control the Kenosha Senso. They decide which city will host the games and help reconstruct it to be used as an Alien city. They are also very powerful, the only one with more power being Deep Blue himself. Tskurimasu generally wear blue coats and an ID stating their name and profession. Most are very cruel and cold.


The KagakuSha are responsible for the Myus and research. They oversee food production, mining, and whatnot. When a Myu is picked, each is assigned a Scientist who cares for their well-being (of course until the games start, which the Myus are on their own). They infect Animal DNA, preferably endangered, and train the Myus in the skills for survival. Then they say their final goodbyes (as most Myus befriend their scientist) as the competitors are shipped off to The Arina.

The Council

The council is a large group of Eiro who control the known world. They have power over the Army, Cities, and people of Earth. There are 4 positions: Thinkers, Solvers, Tryers, and Leaders. Deep Blue has taken the current position of Leader. They are immensely powerful: People can be punished by a flick of the hand. The Council lives in the castle, and they rarely leave.

The Kenosha Senso

The Kenosha Senso is a morbid and brutal competition where 12 girls are given biological superpowers and forced to battle to the death. There has been a total of 24 games. Each fights each other until there are two left. The two are then taken to Fumeishi where they are studied, and then put into the army if strong enough. If they are chosen to be weak, Deep Blue holds them aside until the next games, which they will be needed again.

The Choosing

The Choosing Ceremony is where Deep Blue invites all of Earth to Aiiren and they choose 15 girls from a basket of names. Whoever is chosen is then allowed 24 hours to say their last goodbyes to their families, since Kenosha Senso is basically the same thing as never seeing your family again. The girls (dubbed Myus) are then taken to Matsushitadenkō to be tested. There, the Myus are each injected with the DNA of an animal and begin their training. Training lasts for 5 weeks, and then they are sent out to Arina.


Arina is the said name for the place the Myus fight in. After two weeks of training, the Tskurimasu decide which Human city they will put the Myus in. After a city is picked, the citizens are given 3 weeks to gather their belongings and leave. Either way, the battle is very destructive, so staying their basically means your doom (The Myus are told the city is empty, so they can kill anybody still there and not have word about it). The Myus are teleported onto a large platform, where they must spend 60 seconds trying to kill each other. After the minute is up, the Great Gates open and they are given 30 seconds to be released into the abandoned city. Any Mews who try to stay on the platform are shot on sight.

Final beating

The 'Final Beating' is what the Eira call the final match of the game. When there are 5 players left, the Tskurimasu deliver them to the heart of the city, A.K.A. where Kenosha Senso began. It has been off-limits since the Great Gates opened. The girls are brought to the Platform and must fight. Those who do not fight are repeatedly whipped until they do. At the sound of a horn, the Battle must continue, until two victors are left. The Tskurimasu then announce the Games' end, and take the winners to Fumeshi, where their fate is decided.

The Myus


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