Berii Mew Mews are the Tokyo City South side Mew Mews they consist of Mew Murabudou (Ai Subeki) Mew MidoriBudou (Jun Subeki) and Mew Cherri (Hanami Akahono) . They are a separate group to the actually Mew Mews but have a close bond with them. The team leader is Ai but sometimes Jun takes the lead when Ai is not there or sick ect. as she's in second command. They have a mistery mew who pops up now and then to help them, They later find out her name is Mew Steaki. They are the Mew Mews of the South of Tokyo but they sometimes join with North side Mew Mews (Ichigo, Mint, Lettuce ect.) to fight tough enemys .

The Berii Mew Mews have there own Cafe over the South side of Tokyo called 'Wonderland' where they work part-time, it also serves as there 'home base'. All of them have different uniforms in there own colors.

Berii Mew Maids

The Berii Mew Mews in there 'Wonderland' Waitress Uniforms.

Berii Mew Mew

From left to right Mew Cherri, Mew MidoriBudou and Mew Murabudou.

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