Episode 1

once op on a time. there was a girl nmed Jj and then somthing fell in the sky! it was my pet a bunny who fell from the sky. but it was magical. and then it wnt rit into jj's face! and then he fell off of his face. becose it was the queen who made her come find bakery mew mew cuz of the queen of sweets. and then it speeked! and then Jj was screaming cuz a pet never talks. and even and she ran away! Jj ran away. and then and then she was going to make a cookie bunny. and she was a tarabl cook. and he was tryed and tryed and tryed and then he finaly got it right. and then she started decratn it. and then the bunny saw the dilisus cookis. and then she was trying to gat inside so she cud eat 1. but and then he finaly got in. but and but and when she was don't decorating, she finaly eat 1.and then he grab a cooki and started etin one an crumbs are starting to fall everywere. and Jj "Oh no! mom is goin to be angry whe she see s the drums on the floor!" so she cleans it up. and then she finaly sweeped and Tahoe aal the drums away.. but she his bunny in toy box. and they Jj says " pretend to bee an stufftanmal. ok!" and mommy saw cooki and says "yum!" and then and then mom leave be cuz of wrk and she got a cookie. and then she sad "by sweety!" and then and then alinens in space says "we can take the smells, and all the earth will be helthy cuz we will take athen and turn into vegis!" and the bunny says "you are the first mew mew!!"" what?" jj says "what I'm the first mew mew? What I'm not the first mew mew." "oh come on yess you r!" "Okay I'll be mew mew. with the gem you gave me" then she turns into mew cookiecake! and a monster named acanbe the acanbe got defeated.

Episode 2

well Jj is walking home from school. and then he said and then he small somthing good "what is that BEUTIFUL smell?" it's cookies! "COOOOOOIIIIKKKKS!!!!" and Jj said I dont have any money but we don't have money so wait till we get money. and then Rose is the next mew mew! and then rose said uh... why are you looking at me like that.and then the aliens from above said hmmm,..... she is the next one. and then the alinaensin stole the smells of the cupcakes and thurned it to vegetables. Carat cupcake? EWWW!!!! and then the Alain turn bigger! and then he said "ACANBEE!" and then Jj said "Mew Mew Cookie! Metamorals is!" and then a cheata run fast up to rose! and she gave her the thing and she turnd into mew cheeta cupcake! hooray! they defeated and all the smell went back to the cupcakes.

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