Mew Kukki
Biographical Information
Age 14
Relatives Arisu Karin (sister)
Arisu Hayato (father)
Occupation Student
Status Alive
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 154 cm
Mew Form
Animal DNA Squirrel
Weapon Hazel Bell
Abilities Chris Healing
Mew Mark Kurisu Mew mark
Other Information
Likes Sunny weather, ice cream
Dislikes Winter, Wednesdays

Arisu Kurisu (有栖クリス Arisu Kurisu?, Christina Abrahams in Mew Mew Flower) is one of the Mews from Flower Mix✿Mew Mew. Kurisu was the third girl to join the Flower Mew Mew project. Kurisu is a calm but very honest member of the student council at her school. Due to her elegant princess-like appearance, Kurisu is admired by the people around her, especially at school.

Kurisu's DNA is fused with the one of a squirrel and her alter ego is Mew Chris (ミュークリス Myū Kurisu?). Mew Chris is also known as the chestnut of peace.

Character Profile


  • Full Name: Arisu Kurisu
  • Full Name (Jap): 有栖、クリス
  • Birth Date: May 30th
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Affiliation: Flower Mew Mew project
    Kitazaki Middle School
    Kitazaki Student Council
  • Blood Type: 0


Kurisu is a calm and very elegant member of the student council at Kitazaki Middle School. Kurisu is honest and will tell people always what she thinks, however, she tries to not hurt their feelings when doing so. If it happens that Kurisu hurts others with her words, she feels bad and starts questioning herself and her decisions. Yet, due to her elegant and very princess-like appearance, Kurisu is admire by students, as well as teachers, at her school and also people around her. Kurisu has a passion for baking and making sweets, which she usually shares with her classmates.



Family Members

Mew Mews


Mew Chris


A squirrel



Weapon & Attacks


Arisu (有栖?) - Arisu comes from A (?) meaning "occur", combined with Risu (?) meaning "nest", "to roost" or "to dwell". So Arisu could mean "dwelling possession". However, Risu, written as 栗鼠 means "squirrel" in Japanese, which may be an obvious reference to her animal motif.

Kurisu (クリス?) - Kurisu is the Japanese way of pronouncing the English unisex name "Chris". Chris can come from Christina and can mean "a Christian".[1] However, this meaning may have nothing to do with the character Kurisu. However, Kurisu, could be a reference to both of her motifs; Kuri, written as 栗, means "chestnut", and risu means "squirrel" in Japanese.

Name Changes

  • English Dub: Christina Abrahams


  • Kurisu is the only Flower Mix Mew Mew to have an English name.
  • Some translators mistranslated Kurisu's name as "Kris".
  • Kurisu shares some similarities with Arisugawa Himari from KiraKira☆Pretty Cure Á La Mode:
    • Both girls enjoy cooking.
    • Both girls transform into a squirrel girl.
    • Both girls are magical girls.
    • Both girls have "Arisu" in their family names.
    • Both girls are the shortest of their group.



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