Arielle LeBlanc is the leader and first person in the Doux Mew Mews. Her mew form is called Mew Blueberry.

Mew blueberry
Arielle LeBlanc
Mew Name Mew Blueberry
Age 13
Animal Blue throated macaw
Weapon Blueberry Slingshot
Attack Ribbon Blueberry Fling
Zodiac Aquarius
Birthday January 21, 2003
Height 5' 1"
Weight 90 pounds
Hair Color Light blonde and straight
Eye Color Sky blue
Blood Type AB positive
Likes Rain, airplanes, art, friends, drawing, biking, food, candy, movies, and plants.
Dislikes Mean people, hot days, and school.
Relatives Benjamin LeBlanc (brother), Raymond LeBlanc (father), Paulette LeBlanc (mother)
Nicknames Ari
Team Doux Mew Mews
Position Leader


Arielle has waist length light blonde hair and sky blue eyes. Her skin is fair and she is fairly short and slim. In her mew form, she has a light blue dress with a light blue bow and hairbow. Her hair is in a ponytail. Her wings and tail are blue.


Arielle is quiet and shy at first, but is actually a pretty good and leader and pretty friendly. She is always calm and collected (at least on the outside) and helpful. She can be a bit quirky but is normally really nice and funny. She is a good friend to all of her friends, even though she doesn't have a friend circle.

Obviously, she has some character flaws. Arielle is sometimes too shy to do something and is lacking in confidence. Being part of the Doux Mew Mews helps her to break out of her shell a bit and begin to get over that weakness.

She is also a bit too easy on the aliens and Dark Mews (I'll make a page for them xD) because she is too caring and can let her emotions get in the way, which is why she tries to be calm and collected.


Arielle has two parents who are always working and can never seem to make time for their daughter. She was infused with the genetics of the blue throated macaw while at a cafe one day, but had no idea what had happened and continued with her life. She goes to an elite private school because her parents are rich and can afford it, but Arielle doesn't really make any friends.

Then, she is told what happened with the serum and all that and refuses to believe it, but an alien appears at her school and she transforms into Mew Blueberry for the first time. Arielle realizes that what they told her was true and reluctantly agrees to lead the Doux Mew Mews, which was formed after the Tokyo Mew Mews as their Parisian branch.


"Ribbon Blueberry Fling!"

"Doux Mew Mews, go!"

"Mew Blueberry, metamorphose!"

"You don't need money or fashion, all you need is love and passion!" (That sounded kinda cheesy xD)

"Leader? I've never lead anything before, but I guess if you need me to do it, I will."


  • Arielle has a twin brother named Benjamin.
  • Arielle's favorite color is actually yellow.
  • Arielle is of German and French descent.

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