Aoyama Tarte
Japanese Name 雅也タートル
Mew Name Mew Shortcake
Age 13
Animal Black-Tailed Jackrabbit
Weapon Berry Whip-ton
Attack Strawberry Charm
Height 5'2
Weight 90 lbs
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Brown
Blood Type O
Likes Baking
Dislikes Evil (Darkness)
Relatives Aoyama Ichigo (Mother)
Aoyama Mayasa (Father)
Aoyama Pate (Brother)
Nicknames Tartie
Team MP
Position Leader
Aoyama Tarte (雅也タートル?) is the main protagonist in Tokyo Mew Mew: Parfait. Her DNA is fused with a Black-Tailed Jackrabbit. Tarte's DNA also consists genes of an Alien and a Iriomote WildCat.


Aoyama Tarte

Tarte is just like her mom. Her face, Eye color, and personality. Instead of pigtails, she just has a boyish cut. Tarte's hair color is a dark shade of pink.

Mew Shortcake

Her boyish cut grows into a ponytail with a bun; a red scrunchy shaping it. Tarte also earns big-bunny ears with a fluffy-white tail. Her suit/clothes are adapted from Mew Ichigo's. The arm garters and the dress are both a shade of pink. Now, a set of red strips are added to the skirts. Also adding leggings and small boots.


Tarte is very playful. She enjoys "fun stuff". Though when it comes to fighting evil, she gets all serious.



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