Anti-Animal Human Agency is a  Animal Human Hunt Organization are the Group of Human a Animal Human Control Group is Created by the Government Agent They are the Human Villains

They are the Mercenary Soldier and Special Ops Soldiers Mission to Hunt,Capture and Kill the  Mew Mew with Guns,Net,Net Gun and Weapon By Dr. Koashi Who is the Military Scientist and They are the Enemies of Mew Mew Also They Have Troopers Like  Mercenary Soldier,Special Ops Soldier,Armored Soldier and Robot Drone Catcher to Hunt Down/Capture and Kill All Mew Mew, Because Mew Mew are the Animal Human,But the Military Scientist Studied About the Animal DNA Inner of the Human Dna,Military Scientist are the Humans.

The Batmoc and His Man Capture Ryou Shirogane,Keiichiro Akasaka and Masaya Aoyama and They Confiscated the DNA Gun,Ryou Shirogane,Keiichiro Akasaka and Masaya Aoyama are Captured By Agent Batmoc and His Henchmen.

The Government Agent and Military Special Ops Close Down Café Mew Mew.

Dr. Kokashi's Henchmen the Mercenary Soldier and Special Ops Soldier!!!!!!

Notifications in the Door and They Put 3 Them Away to Prison Including the Mew Mew Girls Inisde the Prison Cage at

the Headquarter,They Guard This Headquarter with a Security Guard Holding with a Guns and Agent Holding with a Guns.


Dr.KoKashi - Military Scientist/Government Agent -

He Wants to Create a Military Robot Drone to Capture Mew Mew and Her Friends and Other Animal Human with a Net  and Putting Them in the Cage and Sending the Mercenary Soldier and Special Soldier to Hunt Down/Capture and Kill the Mew Mew.

Agent  Batmoc - Agent/Special Ops Soldier -

He is One of the Leader of Agent Mercenary He is a Member of A.A.H.A

He is on a Mission to Capture the Mew Mew the Animal Human Send by Dr. Koashi.

Sergeant Hinojo - Special Ops Soldier -

Major Akira - Special Ops Soldiers.-

General Shijo - Special Ops Soldier -

Agent Kusanagi -

Other Anti Animal Human Agency Memeber!!!!


1.UH-60 Black Hawk

2. Bell UH-1

3. OH-6D

4.M1114 Humvee

5. HMMWV (with Net Gun)

6.Hitachi Type 73

7.Honda XLR250R

8.Toyota High Mobility Vehicle (Anti Animal Human Cage Truck)

9. Mecha Robot Drone Catcher


Items,Guns and Weapons!!!!!

  1. Mateba 2008M
  2. Beretta 92FS Compact
  3. Desert Eagle
  4. MAC-11
  5. Type 89-F with M203
  6. Colt Model 933 with M203
  7. R93 LRS2 Blaser
  8. M60
  9. M4A1 Carbine 
  10. Net
  11. Net Gun
  12. Taser Gun
  13. Animal Human Dectector Device
  14. Heckler & Koch MP5K
  15. Mk. 18 Mod 0
  16. M24 Sniper Rifle
  17. Handcuff

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