Mew Angel Dust is the leader of Tokyo Angel Mew, She was a human named Erica Johansson who commited suicide when she was 16. Mew Angel Dust was given the power of Light and Hope by the Queen of the Angels when she first became a mew. After many months of training, she became a full Angel Mew and was given her Mew name. On the day of her "Birthday", she was given a mission to find 4 more members of her team. She searched the entire earth and found no one. After 5 years of searching, she finally found the 2nd member of her team, Mew Angelic Moon. The two girls quickly began searching for the last 3 members and found them. There was Mew Dream Angel, Mew Angelis Ocean and Mew Angelis . The girls are now an elite team and are now protecting the Earth and the humans from the Demon Mews.

Mew Angel Dust Info:

Mew Name: Mew Angel Dust

Age: Immortal

Weapon(s): Angel Glitter Bell, Angel Love Bell and Angelis Dream Rod

Attacks: Ribbon Angel Shine, Ribbon Angel Love and Ribbon Angelis Dream Drops.

Team Position: Leader

Team Members: Mew Angelic Moon, Mew Dream Angel and Mew Angelis Ocean.

Powers: Light and Hope

Likes: Watching the humans, helping and seeing the world.

Erica Marie Johansson

Mew Angel Dust's human name was Erica Johansson. Erica was 16 when she commited suicide. But as a child, Erica was always bullied becasue she was autisic and had some health problems. Erica didn't like being bullied, her parents didn't know what to do to stop it, so the kids kept bulling her until she was in high school and the school system did nothing to stop the bulling eaither. The bulling go worse and worse until Erica just lost it. In her first year as a sophomore, she commited suicide. Her friends were very upset and told the school that the bulling had to stop but the school of course did nothing. Erica's friends told Erica's parents that Erica had killed herself due to bulling at school. Her parents were very angry and sued the school. Now her parents raise money for other parents who have lost their childern to suicide and started a foundation called the Erica Johansson Foundation where parent and children can donate money to help kids with horrible dieases and/or Autism.

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