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Anastasia Lestrange and her sister Ava lived with their Uncle, a very kind and rather wealthy young man. Their parents had left them with him so that they may get a decent education and make something of themselves, and neither of the girls at that time had been very eager to do so. However, as time passed, they grew to like living with their uncle. Unfortunately, the two girls always bickered and disagreed growing up. Anastasia was very sensible. She  always did as she was told and always did things for good cause. Her sister, however, was very rebellious and wild, and she grew to understand the world in a way very grim and different from her sister. While Anastasia lived a happier and more successful life than her sister, Ava became bitter and felt unloved and ignored. She craved attention and power, and she would often do very irrational things to get what she wanted- even if it meant hurting others. She had to be pulled out of her school so that the other children would not be hurt by her and instead received private lessons at home. Of course, Ava never payed any attention and would often cause more mischief, typically by sneaking out of the house and doing what she pleased. Her Uncle was very disappointed in his niece, and Anastasia was worried for her. However, Anastasia had to finish her studies and the girls' uncle had other matters to tend to, so they never had the time to watch over Ava.

When aliens began to attack their home, the Lestrange sisters’ uncle began to use his money to work with a team on a project that would aid in removing the aliens and their creations from their world. Anastasia, now older was very interested in his work and decided to help him out. As a result, they became even busier than before, and Ava became very furious at the fact that everyone was paying even less attention to her now. She sat in her room most of the time, quietly ripping apart pieces of the stuffed animals she had in her room and thought bitter thoughts. She never once heard anyone ask about her, never saw anyone come home and look for her, and it tore her apart even more. Soon, the project was completed and Anastasia was chosen to test it. She was infused with the DNA of a Corsican Red Deer and emerged as Mew Shaded Artemis. Unknowingly to her and her uncle, however, Ava had spied on them and examined how the machine worked with the upmost curiosity. While Anastasia was taken out to test out her new abilities, Ava snuck into the machine and tested it on herself, thinking that perhaps she might like to have a bit of fun. After all, she deserved it, of course, didn't she? 

Ava was infused with the DNA of a European Mink, and emerged as Mew Wily Gothica. She played around with her new abilities, feeling powerful and very much alive. It made her feel much happier, knowing that she had these abilities and that she could use them for so much more than what her Uncle and sister intended to use them for.  Ava tried to keep her powers a secret while abusing them on the side, but her sister and Uncle found out about her intrusion fairly quickly. They intended to punish her, but Ava would have none of that. She decided that she would play with her powers and have her own fun. She took off and decided that she would cause mischief and do all she could to have fun in her own way- even if it meant hurting others or endangering them to have it.  Anastasia was worried about what her sister might do, so she made it her job not only to fight against the aliens, but to try and knock some sense back into her disturbed sister.

Anastasia Lestrange

Nationality: French

Age:  16

Alias: Mew Shaded Artemis

Infused with: Corsican Red Deer

Personality: Anastasia is a determined young lady with a strong courageous heart. However she is very closed minded and stubborn, making it hard to convince her of anything or to change her mind. But because of her stubbornness, she will always do her best to push forward, with or without aid. While she seems like a rough and brutish girl, Anastasia has a warm heart.

Weapon/Attack: Mew Shaded Artemis wields the Dusk Bow and can attack either with Dark Veil which creates a thick cloud of smoke for confusion/distraction, or with Shattering Gust, which blasts a combination of wind and rock at the enemy.

Powers: Heightened Senses, increased stamina and speed, harnesses the power of shadow and earth, and is able to control or create either smoke or parts of the earth around her.

Ava Lestrange

Nationality: French

Age: 12

Alias : Mew Wily Gothica

Infused with: European Mink

Personality: Ava is crafty and witty. She will never back down from a fight and will always make sure she gets what she wants. She is prone to being bratty and whiny when she doesn’t get what she wants or when something doesn’t go her way. Ava is very curious and dominant, and demands to be the center of attention. She will do anything to be as such and often will jeopardize her sister’s missions and even lives of innocent people to entertain herself or get involved in something she should not. While Ava appears sweet and gentle, she has a sinister heart.

Weapon/Attack: Mew Wily Gothica yields The Callous Bell, and can attack with either Illusory Resonance, which is used either to create an eventful illusion or a duplicate of herself, or  with Shadowed Tempest, which blasts a blackened beam of energy at the enemy.

Powers: Can create temporary Illusions [using her bell], has superior speed, and is able to replicate an image of  herself within a limited radius to confuse enemy [using her bell].

Created by AnnikaDoll

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