Amy Hana Gnuman is the secondary protagonist in London Mew Mew. She is a 13 year old English-French girl who meets Ichigo and becomes Mew Mango. She has shown to like being a Mew and was deeply saddened when her mentor and friend Ichigo returned to Japan (and the A La Mode story XD). She is infused with the Snow Leopard.



Amy is born to Argent Gnumen and Amai Desu-Gnuman. She had a good childhood, until her mother died and her father was left with money problems. Because of this, Amy was quite ignored by her father and became a little shy. A few years later, her father marries Mera Remplace. Mera is quite cruel to Amy, and she seeks refuge at her school, Eduquer et Amour. At one point, she meet Ryou who is visiting. He says she's 'special' and gives her a pendant. That night, Amy dreams she is a magical cat girl who saves the city from evil monsters. When she turns twelve, her parents ove to England, where she learns who to speak with their accent since she thinks it's 'cool'. With her saved allowance, Amy also buys a spotted kitten she names Maneige. She transfers to Portland High and finds out that everyone is talking about the biggest thing-Tokyo Mew Mew. Eager to fit in, Amy researches and learns about the Mews and even creates a fan-club called FanClub Miaulement. Many people join (once they find out 'Miaulement' means 'Mew') and Amy quickly becomes known. As they get into discussion wether Mew Pudding was born with Moneky genes or not, the story begins to take place.


Amy is reading about Golden Lion Tamarans for her next Club Project when she notices Ichigo. Wanting to help, she introduces herself, but Ichigo only looks on in confusion. Amy suddenly witches to Japanese when she sees her necklace with katakana on it. They converse and become fast friends. Ichigo joins her club (rather curiously) and sits at their meeting. As they get into discussion, Ichigo calls out that Pudding was chosen BECAUSE she acts like a Monkey, never born with the genes. Since Ichgo said this in Japanese, the students are confused. Amy translates, and the group asks who she knew this. Ichigo tries to change the subject, and Amy realizes Ichigo knows more than just their names.. She says that Ichigo told her that she was close to the Mews at one point, so she knew a little. After the meeting, Amy confronts her and Ichigo tells her the utmost truth-she is Mew StrawBerry. Excited, Amy asks all about her missions, and promises not to tell anybody or poor Ichigo will be swarmed. After they agree to keep it secret, noises come from the lobby. Turns out a Chimera came from nowhere, and it has it's sights set on Amy.




In her civilian form, Amy has red-brown hair and usually wears her school uniform, a beret and a plaited skirt and top. She has deep blue eyes and tan skin.

Mew Mango

As Mew Mango, she gets an orange top with vine like designs on the bottom. Orange shorts to match, and lime-green gloves. Her hair turns orange and her eyes magenta. Amy also gains Snow Leopard ears and a tail, along with green boots. Her shirt, shorts, and boots have green stitching.


'Welcome to the first meeting of FanClub Miaulement, Amis!' - Her daily club introduction.

'This coffee is from Germany, isn't it?' - Commenting about Cloe's coffee.

'Mew Ichigo?! As in...MEW STRAWBERRY!? EEEE! I won't say a word!' - Her reaction and promise about Ichigo's secret identity.


'Ribbon...Mango, Flora!' - Her attack.


Amy's last name Gnuman is a scrambled version of Mangue, the french word for Mango.

Amy's middle name is Hana, Japanese for Flower, hinting that her element is Nature.

She loves her father but rarely speaks with him anymore.

Despite the fact Amy is a major part of the story, she is not the main protagonist.

Amy speaks with a thick British accent even though she's from France.

She has a pet cat Manuige, a cross-word of Mangue and Neuige, French for snow.

She has a talent of figuring out which country coffee came from just by tasting it.

Her favorite food is Lamb, fitting since a Snow Leopard's main prey is sheep.

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