Arisugawa Parfait
Japanese Name 有栖川パル`フェ
Mew Name Mew Parfait
Age 14
Animal Amur Leopard
Blood Type A
Likes Anything with Strawberries
Dislikes Evil (Darkness)
Relatives Arisugawa Nozomi
Nicknames Par-Chan
Team Mew Mew Le France~
Position Leader
V.A. (Japanese) Hikisaka Rie
Arisugawa Parfait (有栖川パル`フェ Arisugawa Parufe) is one of the five main characters of Mew Mew Le France~. Parfait is a sweet, calm and nurturing, 14 year-old who enjoys working part-time at her elder sister's maid cafe, Cafe Le France.

Parfait's catchphrases are "Bonjour~" and "____, sweet as Parfait!".


  • Full Name: Parfait Arisugawa (有栖川パル`フェ, Arisugawa Parufe)
  • Nationality: French-Japanese 
  • Age: 14
  • Mew Information:
    • Fused Animal: Amur Leopard
    • Weapon: Sweet Parfait Stick 
    • Attack: Grand Parfait Delivery 


Parfait has short, tan-brown neck-length hair with neat bangs and her eyes are light blue. She normally wears a pale pink shirt with magenta streaks on the short sleeves and the along the hemline. Sewn to it, as translucent light pink extra layer that falls just abover her knees. Underneath, light blue quarter-cut jeans with white flats. When in public, she wears her Mew Pendant attached to a red thread around her right wrist, similar to a bracelet. 

As Mew Parfait, her hair and eyes both turn light pink. She wears a one-piece suit lined with white lace. The suit cuts right above and below the midriff, appearing two pieced except for the midriff being magenta and a matching ribbon tied around her waist. She wears light pink boots, matching garter is around her left thigh lined with magenta furr and she gains both the tail and ears of the Amur leapoard. She wears a light pink choker, matching her garter with her Mew Pendant attached, arm garters and has white, lace gloves. 

Mew Parfait 

"Mew Mew Parfait, Metamorphosis!"

After kissing her Mew Pendant and calling the transformation phrase, Parfait is holding it close to her chest as her body is covered in pink sparkles. Parfait claps her hands, making her gloves followed by her boots. She lands, and the ground makes a ripple effect before the background changes from dull pink to many parfaits of endless varieties everywhere. Her Mewfit appears next along with the garters on her arms and thigh. She then puts her pendant to her choker and poses.