Akirasawa Parfait
Japanese Name あきら沢 パーフェクト
Mew Name Mew Parfait
Age 14
Animal Amur leopard
Transformation "Mew Parfait Metamorphosis !"
Weapon Parfait Wand
Attack Ribbon Parfait Healing
Birthday October 4th
Height 5'1
Hair Color Dark Brown (Parfait) Pale Pink (Mew Parfait)
Eye Color Light Red
Likes Parfait, Icecream, Daisies
Dislikes Cherries, Mean People,Losing Friends, Fights
Relatives Megumi Akirasawa (Mother)
Nicknames Par-Chan! (Crepe) ParPar (Macaron)
Team Mew Mew Le France~
Position Leader
V.A. (Japanese) Fujita Saki
Character Themes Parfait~LOVE!
 Akirasawa Parfait (あきら沢 パーフェクト Akirasawa Parfait) is Leader of the team and main protagonist of the series. She is infused with the genes of the Amur Leopard. 



Parfait has short, dark brown hair reaching her shoulders. Her hair is usually fastened in a short ponytail by a white scrunchie. Her eyes are light red and are round in shape.

Cafe Uniform

She wears the normal Cafe La Doux uniform. 

General Attire

Her usual attire consists of the normal girls uniform with an acception of a pair of white french lace socks with black ribbons.

Mew Mew

As Mew Parfait her hair reaches her shoulders, curls up at the ends and becomes light pink. Her eyes stay the same. Around her neck is a pink choker with white furr along the outer sides, which her pendant is attached to. She wears and light pink one piece outfit with a pair of puffy armbands, matching the outfit in both color and furry accents. She wears a pair of short, white gloves, The outfit ends in a pair demin shorts, with white along the ends, around her left thigh is a light pink garter and to finish the look re a pair of short, white and light pink boots which reach slightly below her knees. She additionally gains a pair of leopard ears and tail.

General Info

  • Her Blood Type is AB
  • Her Zodiac is a Libra
  • Her Mew Mark is located at the base of her forehead (Heart with Leopard spots).



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