Akayama Macaron
Japanese Name 赤山 マカロン
Mew Name Mew Macaron
Age 15
Animal Mountain Plover
Blood Type O
Likes Macarons, Cats
Dislikes Secrets
Relatives Akayama Pierre
Nicknames Maca, Ron~Ron
Team Mew Mew Le France~
V.A. (Japanese) Mariya Ise
Akayama Macaron (赤山 マカロン Akayama Macaron) is one of the four main characters


Macaron is a tall, pale girl with short, crimson hair and matching eyes. 

Mew Macaron

"Mew Macaron Metamorphosis!"


  • She shares her voice actress with Cure Lemonade, from Yes! Pretty Cure 5.