Akayama Macaron
Japanese Name 赤山 マカロン
Mew Name Mew Macaron
Age 12
Animal Mountain Plover
Transformation "Mew Macaron Metamorphosis!"
Weapon Macaron Piano
Attack Ribbon Macaron Wall!
Birthday April 18th
Height 4'9
Hair Color Orange (Macaron) Pale Red (Mew Macaron)
Eye Color Dark green
Likes Macarons, Cute Things & Baking
Dislikes Secrets
Relatives Akayama Amanda (Mother)
Nicknames Maca-Chan! (Chocolat)

Macaro! (Parfait)

Petite Maca! (Crepe)
Team Mew Mew Le France~
Position Defense
V.A. (Japanese) Ise Mariya
 Akayama Macaron (赤山 マカロン Akayama Macaron)  is the Second Mew and Defense of team. Her alter ego is Mew Macaron as she is infused with the genes of the Mountain Plover. 



Macaron has short, dark orange hair tied in a pair of small adongo buns with black scrunchies in addition with a headband the same color. Her round, bright eyes are dark green.

Cafe Uniform

She wears the normal Cafe Le Doux uniform. Although her black ribbon around her collar is somewhat replaced by a crimson ribbon.

General Attire

Her usual attire consists of a crimson colored Tshirt with a short, white jeans skirt with suspendors attached, with only the left over shoulder while the right simply falls over her hip. Finishing the look, area pair of short, white socks and crimson tennis shoes.

Mew Mew

In Mew form, she wears a light red, short dress with white lace accents, underneath the skirt as well. Underneath the skirt, she wears a pair of white, lacey pantaloons. The outfit has detached, Japanese sleeves have lace accents as well, she wears a pair of light red boots which reach only her ankles and around her right thigh is a light red and white garter. She now gains a pair of bird wings and a tail. Her hair is now pale red, is tied in a pair of low, buns with a pair of white ribbons although her eyes remain the same. And finally, around her neck is a red and white choker with her pendant attached.

General Info

  • Her Blood Type is O
  • Her zodiac is an Aries.
  • Her Mew Mark is located above her navel (Heart with small bird wings).

Mew Macaron

"Mew Macaron Metamorphosisi!"

(ミュー・マカロン・メタモルフォーゼ Myū Makaron Metamorufōzisu)

Transformation Sequence

Macaron first calls the words, "Mew Macaron Metamorphosis!" and she kisses her pendant, causing the transformation sequence to begin: First, she puts her pendant to her stomach and her Mew Mark is now visable before it glows white and many ribbons of pale red light begin to spiral around her midsection, arms and legs. The ribbon spirals continue to form her attire before she opens her eyes and  the light on her body then dissolves away into many red and white feathers. She then leaps forward now wearing her complete attire with her hair  completely changed and styled. As she is in midair, a pair of feathers sprout from her back, she then uses her hands and makes a flying motion with them over her Mew Mark and her tail and wings finally emerge. She then flies down and strikes a finishing pose.


  • She shares her voice actress with Kasugano Urara from Yes! Pretty Cure 5 Go!Go!
  • She shares her initials with many main protagnsts from the fellow Magical Girl Anime franchise, Pretty Cure; Asahina Mirai, Aino Megumi and Aida Mana.


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