Akamine Sakura
Japanese 赤嶺さくら
Romanization Akamine Sakura
Dub Name Sarah Williams
Basic Information
Birthday April 20th, Aries
Age 12
Species Human/Mew Mew
Gender Female
Nationality Japanese
Eye Color Bright Red
Hair Color Maroon Red
Mew Form
Animal DNA Snow leopard
Weapon Cerise Tact
Mew Mark TBA
Theme Color Red

Akamine Sakura (赤嶺さくら?) is the third and final girl to join the Pâtisserie Mew Mew project. Sakura is the confident and lovely younger sister of the creator of the Pâtisserie Mew Mew system. Sakura dreams to become the student council president of her school. However, before she can achieve her dream, she needs to learn to be more responsible.

Her DNA is fused with a snow leopard. Her Mew alter ego is Mew Cerise (ミューシャリース?), and she uses the power of plants during her attacks.

Character Traits




  • Akamine Akio: Sakura is the younger sister of Akio. Even though they do not seem too close, Akio accidently fused Sakura's DNA with the DNA of a snow leopard. After this, Akio felt bad for having dragged his sister into the mess he caused and started to work on his project more precisely.


Mew Cerise


A snow leopard


Weapon & Attacks


Name Changes


Akamine (赤嶺?) - Akamine comes from Aka (?) meaning "red" or "red color", combined with Mine (?) meaning "ridge", "mountain range" or "peak". So Akamine means "read mountain range" or "red colored peak".

Sakura (さくら?) - Sakura is a Japanese given name for girls, which comes from 桜 meaning "cherry blossom", "cherry" or "cherry tree".



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