Akamine Akio
Japanese 赤嶺 明夫
Romanization Akamine Akio
Dub Name Aaron Williams
Basic Information
Birthday December 5th, Sagittarius
Age 21
Species Human
Gender Male
Nationality Japanese
Eye Color Dark Red
Hair Color Dark Red
Akamine Akio (赤嶺 明夫?) is an university student and creator of the Pâtisserie Mew Mew project. Akio is a serious and stubborn but also pretty childish boy, who tends to act like the boss of the people he spend time with. Due to this, he appears a little arrogant and self-centered.

Character Traits


Akio is a university student, who has average height and dark red colored hair. Akio has shoulder long hair that he has tied to a low ponytail at the back of his head. Akio has narrowed, dark red colored eyes. In civilian, he wears black pants that end slightly above his ankles. He wears a red and white checked shirt which he hasn't buttoned up. Akio wears brown loafers and white socks.


Akio is serious and very stubborn university student, who seems bossy and ignorant towards the people around him. Akio likes to tease others and also to point out how great he is. However, Akio isn't just arrogant and self-centered, he is also a boy who never had the chance to actually grow up like any normal child. Due to this, he behaves slightly different than other people of his age. While he acts to be confident and outgoing, Akio is actually scared of talking with others and feels quite lonely.


  • Akamine Sakura: Sakura is the younger sister of Akio. Even though they do not seem too close, Akio accidently fused Sakura's DNA with the DNA of a snow leopard. After this, Akio felt bad for having dragged his sister into the mess he caused and started to work on his project more precisely.


Name Changes

  • English Dub: Aaron Williams
  • Italian Dub: Aaron
  • Mandarin Dub: Huáng Zhu (煌 朱)
  • French Dub: Aaron Williams
  • Korean Dub: Choe Byeong-Ho (최 병호)


Akamine (赤嶺?) - Akamine comes from Aka (?) meaning "red" or "red color", combined with Mine (?) meaning "ridge", "mountain range" or "peak". So Akamine means "read mountain range" or "red colored peak".

Akio (明夫?) - Akio comes from Aki (?) meaning "bright" or "clear", combined with O (?) meaning "man". So Akio means "bright man".


  • It was revealed that Akio accidently fused his sister's DNA with the DNA of a snow leopard.


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