Akaboshi Rubie
Japanese 紅星ルビィ
Romanization Akaboshi Rubyi
Basic Information
Birthday November 26th
Age 13
Species Human/Mew Mew
Gender Female
Nationality Japanese
Eye Color Reddish Purple
Hair Color Dark Red
Mew Form
Animal DNA Scarlet honeycreeper
Weapon Ruby Heart
Mew Mark TBA
Theme Color Red

Akaboshi Rubie (紅星ルビィ?) is a leading protagonist of the Tokyo Mew Mew next generation season La Avenir Mew Mew. Rubie is an outgoing girl, who loves sweets and candy. While she's quite energetic, she is also very clumsy and commonly known for her clumsiness all around the school.

Her DNA is fused with the scarlet honeycreeper, while she represents the precious tone Ruby.


Rubie is an outgoing girl, who loves sweets and candy. She adores everything that can be considered as "cute culture" and loves to wear lolita fashion. She is quite clumsy and tends to mess things up. However, she always tries to think positively and always sees the good things. She is also very energetic and very cheerful. Despite being clumsy, Rubie somehow manages to get good grades in any subject.




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