Aiiron is the Capitol of Earth, and is where Deep Blue resides. It is a very wealthy city and mostly made of Aliens. There are three parts of Aiiron: The Capitol, The Jump, and The Docks.

The Capitol

The Capitol is the given name to the place where most of the Eira live. It is very clean, shiny, and well built. In the middle is Castle Ao, and surrounding it are humongous walls known as The Keep. Many Eira live peacefully here, and a large stadium houses a television where they can watch The Kenosha Senso. OruaBoros is the training center for the army, consisting mostly of Eira and corrupted Myus.

The Jump

Its name is meant to signify that living here would make you want to jump to your death. The Jump is what the Eira made to house every human in Aiiron. As such, The Jump is a very cluttered and dirty place. There is only one hospital (only made to keep the humans alive to do Deep Blue's dirty work) and guards are patrolling almost every second. The Jump also consists of 3 small neighborhoods: Pura-Pura, Shinto, and Inuya.

The Docks

As it's name states, The Docks house every kid of airship you could imagine. Imports from cities alsp make their way into the fray. Yes, I said fray. Its a pretty busy place, with new Food and Supplies coming almost every day, not to mention the humans and the Myus.


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