Ai's flesh stone

Ai kotoba or mew vitality is the lead mew in sailor sonata's new fanfic, Tokyo jewel mew: flesh stones of victory.

Personality and appearance

Ai is a loveable lady and she is known for  her VITAL (get the pun?) Promise to keep up justice, she has fair skin, pale lilac hair and silver pearl-like eyes, she usually is dressed in yellow, the colour of her flesh stones pendant.

Mew vitality, quotes, relationships and trivia

mew vitality
Mew vitality

Sailorsonata's (poorly drawn) drawing of mew vitality

mew vitality is the mew form of ai, she was infused with a dragon, and her outfit style is based on mew mint's outfit, but in yellow. Her pendant, the flesh stone of vitality hangs on the choker.


her transformation line: "flesh of vitality! Transform!"

​other quotes:

"Come on! You know I want to be a hero!" - ai to her mother, tsuki

"Well, I can't wait to be friends with you~!" - ai and hana (mew fate) in unison.

"I hope we can be the best of friends" ai to sonika (mew dignity)

"If you keep acting childish you won't get far." Ai talking to rikku (mew fury)

"At least you are more mature than her " mew vitality to Mew silence (ame ni inori)

"I guess it's best to follow your INSTINCTs huh?" Mew vitality jokingly to mew instinct.

"Say WHAT? We're sisters?!" Ai talking to hoshi kotoba (mew Instinct)

Relationships (friends, family, love life and enemies)

The aliens

after the aliens return to earth to help the new team she becomes best friends with kish and taruto, but pai developes a slight crush on her, and the feelings become mutual later in the story. (Note: kish pai and taruto's personalities don't change)

her team

she is technically BFFs with the whole group, especially mew fate, she would give her life to defend them and she hopes their bonds remain tight as family.

Tokyo mew mews

She is loved by the original mews and they often come to help them out (like the aliens), also she tends to be best friends with mint due to their love for ballet, and similar personality

ai's family

She only has her parents as living relatives, but it is later revealed that she has a sister witch just so happens to be mew instinct, hoshi kotoba, she has arguments with her mother and she is an angel when with her father Gekido kotoba.

saphir (the antagonist)

if there is one thing for sure, she hates his guts, although, just like kish with ichigo, he made many attempts to make her his, her opinion of him never changes.


  • Her name means love words.
  • She is the only protagonist to be related to another mew.
  • She is the first mew to have a poor relationship with one of there parents.

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