Alright, here's my actual Mew.


A.V.A (Short for Anti Virus Action) is Homura's entry in Annikas Futuristic Mew Contest. A.V.A is supposably nothing more than a program designed for the sake of humanity in it's already declining conditions within the world-wide reality simulator; or so it seemed. Somehow her programming seemed to glitch through a code scrambling, and she began to develop an unwanted "Personality Programming". With this unwanted program, she began to work against the intentions of her creator and befriended people of the world of the reality simulator. To put it bluntly; she was unknowingly acting recklessly, and because of her new free-will as a program she posed a threat to the remaining people of humanity.


Before her unwanted personality programming was born; Ava was a shell of a woman. She was emotionless and acted exactly as a robot would; all she did was what she was programmed to. But when the programming took action, a personality began to blossom forth. She began to become curious, wanting to develop relationships with the humans to better understand what it was like to be a real person. Ava became like a child; Naive, Bubbly, Playful, Curious, and having strong emotions in her personality program. The only thing that saddened her heart was the fact that she knew she could never be a true human; she was nothing but a program that was trapped forever in the reality simulator.

Powers and Abilities

  • Malicious Threat Extraction - Ava as an Anti-Virus Program has to ability to extract malicious threats from the reality simulator.
  • Code Wall - Is able to protect herself with a wall made of coding.
  • Programming Sense - Like anti-virus programs, she is able to detect malicious threats near the time they enter the reality simulator.

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