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• 5/3/2017


The Current artists are listed below. Feel free to request art, but keep in mind they won't always accept.

Usually uses bases, but can draw by hand and digitalise as well.

Uses bases and can draw by hand and digitalises. (Deviantart)

2D Wonderland
Draws by hand and digitalises them.

Are you an artist? Just ask and you will be listed here. Including a discripion of your art strengths.

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• 5/3/2017

Yay! wiki not ded!

• 5/3/2017

Nope! Not anymore!

• 5/8/2017

I can do handdrawn art! Traditional and digital art are my preferred mediums, but the former comes more naturally to me. Conversely, my digital art is more polished and I can color much easier using those methods

• 12/30/2018

Who will draw [[Momota Ringo]] aka Mew Apple?

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