Rules and Requirements

Alright, so here's the deal:

Rules are:

  • You can vote for a page however you want to, but if we decide against going with a poll format, you will be required to at least partially explain your choice.
  • You can Nominate up to two pages each month, but you must state why you think this page is worthy of the Featured Article in at least two sentences.
  • Please do not vote for your own page. Give others a chance to win too.

You are allowed to nominate your own pages. 

Requirements for the Page:

  • It must be a complete page, please check the categories to see if it is complete or not.
  • This is optional, but I think you should avoid voting a page because of the artwork. What about the personality and the depth of the character?
  • The page can be anything from objects, to stories, to Mews, and everything in between.

Go forth!